Therapy Services



Individual therapy is helpful for

adults, adolescents, and children..

The client and therapist

develop a trusting relationship,

and together uncover

problems and develop solutions.. 

Indivdual therapy helps:

 Increase self-esteem 

Develop mindfulness  skills


Adjust to changes

 Develop goals

Personal Growth


 Increase successes


 Increase confidence. 


Couples and Family

Maintaining a healthy, long-term relationship is challenging when faced with life changes. miscommunication, and conflicts. 

It also makes happiness elusive.

When a family member has problems the whole family suffers, especially when it involves a child or adolescent.  Therapy can help the family identify the roots of the problems and guide the family to  solutions.

Couple and Family Therapy helps:  

 Increase communications

    and understanding

 Identify and create solutions to        decrease conflicts, improve       interactions     

 Strengthen bonds          


 Adjust together to new

    challenges that arise in life         


Play and Art


Two forms of Play Therapy I engage in are Expressive Arts Therapy and Sand Play Therapy.  Both allow children and adults to express  symbolically what they find difficult to express verbally.  Children and adolescents often try to describe what is troubling them. They struggle finding the words.  Adults may find words constraining or inadequate.  


Play Therapy combined with talk” therapy is a powerful combination to help:


 Increase cooperative behavior


 Increase self-esteem


Develop independence


 Improve school success


 Develop confidence. 




Pastoral Counseling focuses on the healing, growth and development of the whole person.  

Incorporating the spiritual component in your life can help address difficult life situations.

Integration of the psychological   and spiritual perspectives helps address many issues of life: meaning, direction, identity and self worth.


Pastoral Counseling helps:

Generate options and choices           aligned with your values.


Strengthen inner resources


Grow in self awareness


 Increase sense of well       

   being and wholeness



The fees for psychotherapy are usually covered by insurance, Medicaid or health care accounts.  Clients are responsible for copay and deductibles.  Self pay and a sliding scale are also available for fee and co-pays.